INS LifeGuard

INS LifeGuard supplies innovative solutions comprising Personal Response, Medical Alarms, TeleHealth and integrated virtual care as well as other specialised, tailored and unique Call Centre activities. Our response centre is staffed by highly qualified and experienced nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know of no other company who can make that claim, and we feel it’s an important distinction. Emergency personnel are engaged quickly, if required, and our nurses can not only share personal details, but also medical information that could save a life. With over 30 years’ experience and now servicing more than 30,000 independent living units across Australia, the LifeGuard SmartHome has evolved to provide a comprehensive solution for Villages and Community Care Organisations. Much more than just a Personal Response system, the LifeGuard SmartHome can also provide TeleHealth Services, a Village Concierge System, and a Personal Communication Hub for residents/clients. Our Manager and Client Portals provide a suite of modules to service residents and their families, including the ability to broadcast information, set concierge services and fees, and draw reports in real time.

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