How do I become a PERSA member?

Download the Code of Practice booklet which contains the PERSA application form.

What standards do PERSA members comply with?

Australian Standards AS4607 – Personal Response Systems

What is a PERS unit?

A PERS unit typically consists of a personal radio transmitter pendant and an automatic telephone dialer, typically located in an individual’s home.

How does a PERS unit work?

During an emergency situation the client presses his/her personal radio pendant which initiates a call to a central monitoring station. The monitoring station assesses the situation and sends help.

What are the benefits of a PERS unit?

PERS units provide users with freedom and comfort to move around in their own homes and with the knowledge that if help is ever needed it is only a button press away.

Why should a PERS unit be monitored by a 24-hour service centre and not just ring a pre-programmed number?

The use of 24-hour service centres guarantees immediate attention during any time of day.

Why should I look for a registered PERSA member provider when selecting a PERS service?

Dealing with registered PERSA members ensures that you are dealing with an organisation that has satisfied the strict criteria set forth by the Australian Government regarding PERS systems.

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